The 100 Best Horror Movies

January 6, 2022 By admin

Some people may hear ‘horror’ and first think of classic monsters of the genre (zombies, Frankenstein monsters, vampires, etc.) and that’s all good and elegant. Others may jump into the slasher pool: big scary guys like Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers pick up unsuspecting victims and scream one by one queens, which is great too. But perhaps the most unannounced but deeply beloved subgenre in the horror world are psychological horrors; films that do not necessarily have a supernatural monster or that happen at their core (although they sometimes do)! These are some of the most classic horror movies of all time that every self-respecting horror movie should watch. Rosemary’s Baby is one of the first psychological horror films and its impact is felt deeply in almost every movie on this list.

Starring Maika Monroe, a queen of modern screams, this movie is dark, cranky and sandy in the right ways. If you’ve ever felt that something is always looking at you, or if you’re finally out of danger with what was on your head….oh honey, if this movie is an indicator, you certainly aren’t. CAM is on Netflix, which makes sense as it almost feels like a feature film version of an episode of Black Mirror. This film follows an online camgirl who lets her live with advice. It seems to be going well until she finds an exact doppelganger of herself who lives just like her.

But like Sherlock Holmes’ evil shadow, Dr. Lecter makes everyone look so boring. By solving the puzzle, Frank enters the world of fine cruelty led by Pinhead and his fellow Cenobites, glamorous sadists with a penchant for torn flesh and transcendent pain. Despite Barker’s determination to “carnal embrace,” the cenobitas’ fetish appeal goes hand in hand with an atmosphere of sticky and stunning fear. The disturbing moral ambiguities of Frank’s relationship with his ex-lover Julia (now his brother’s wife) resonate much more than the conventional subplot involving his teenage niece Kirsty.

Rob Savage’s Australian delight takes the limited screen techno horror trick Introduced inappropriately to a huge audience and increases tension and mystery. That doesn’t mean Blumhouse’s teenage scream isn’t worth seeing; it’s just to say that Savage’s indie is proof that you don’t need the studio to make an effective genre movie. After a group of six friends quarantined for COVID, the film jumps from one ghost screen to another while the cast participates in a Zoom session that is seriously no joke. The “shower scene” is one of the best known in the cinema of the 200 best horror films. In the 3-minute scene, 77 different camera angles were used, culminating in a long look at the victim’s lifeless eye. The horror genre and the film as a whole would never be the same again.

You need a murderous concept, something so addicted, so smart but simple, that you need an instant purchase, like the battlefields of A Nightmare On Elm Street, or the suspicion of ‘you look at the tape and then you die’ from Ring. You need an image that finds its way into public consciousness and transcends its origins, such as a few ghost girl twins standing in a hallway, or a pocket man with a knife in a William Shatner mask. You need a pretty big protagonist to support, one that stays in memory as long as the evil forces they fight with, like an Ash or a Laurie Strode.

With his directorial debut, Jordan Peele created something that immediately felt like A Moment and a Movie. He lowered that murderous concept: an American black man discovers completely new levels of appropriation when he visits his white girlfriend’s ดูหนังออนไลน์ชัด parents. He gave us one of the most empathetic horror tracks in years, Kaluuya brought Chris so much charm, while portraying his worldwide exhaustion when Rose apparently doesn’t realize the discomfort he knows he will experience during his visit.

Between a new wave of science fiction horror movies, The Thing’s groundbreaking special effects will make you tired of everything you see at first glance. We must thank George A. Romero for the eternal zombie subgenre that has infected all entertainment areas. Much more than just a movie about virus-infected carnivores, the low-budget classic from 1968 is a commentary on social issues, including race, that satirizes with a brilliant effect. About a group of friends riding the zombie apocalypse on a farm in Pennsylvania, Night of the Living Dead is the social critic who launched another thousand. Gore Verbinski’s film was a huge sensation when it was released, with $ 128 million in cash (up from a $ 48 million budget) and a big reputation in the process.

Some works of art embody his style so completely that they practically define his movement. Think of Monet’s water lilies for expressionist painting or Picasso’s three musicians for cubism. That is the cabinet of Dr. Caligari is for German expressionism. Famously described as a precursor to Nazism by the book From Caligari to Hitler, it remains disturbing and disturbing to see it 100 years after it was first shown.