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32 Did You Know? Sports Ideas

Unfortunately, coaches could also be exacerbating the scholar athlete’s mistaken identity as simply an athlete. The identical NCAA research reported that often, coaches do not comply with the 20 hour per week limit on follow time set by NCAA legislation. More time in follow means much less time in class and fewer alternatives to check. […]

24 Fun Ideas To Celebrate New Year’s Eve At Home

Lunar New Year is a time to head home – here’s to hoping you still fit in a twin bed. So get ready to have your cheeks pinched, your plate filled and your life choices questioned. From mouth-watering treats to impressive pyrotechnics, these are the ways that people commonly celebrate Chinese New Year around the […]

50 Best Ideas For Celebrating New Year’s Eve With Kids

Call up a friend and Skype as the ball drops on TV. Write a list of new year’s resolutions and hang it on your wall. This is the time to bring out the homemade noisemakers and bang on some pots and pans. Simply blow up balloons, and create netting around an overhead fan with some […]

56 Ideas For Home Repair Tracks

Lithium grease is a long-lasting weather-resistant lubricant for garage routes, car doors and closures and other metal parts that are widely used outdoors. Check out 20 brilliant ways to use WD-40, another indispensable lubricant for home repairs. Instead of making a hole in the ceiling, cover it with a smoke detector. See more life-saving tips […]

160 Ideas For Hair Care Tips

A pre-shampoo treatment can work wonders for thick hair by giving maximum shine and hydration. When it comes to getting her fresh out of the living room at home, your stylist is really your secret weapon. They know the cuts and products that are best for your specific hair type and the tools that can […]