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November 30, 2021 By admin

Professional Dentist Warrenton Va can help stop or reverse the dental caries process. For certain patients, dentists can recommend fluoride treatment every six months. If your dentist recently suggested considering fluoride treatment, you may be wondering what the treatment will cost. Here you will find further information on fluoride treatment and the estimated treatment costs.

The minerals contained in fluoride even delay or stop the spread of dental caries. Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and reduces the risk of tooth decay. Fluoride can remineralize the tooth surface, which is susceptible to bacteria that cause tooth decay. Proper use of fluoride, good dental hygiene, and healthy eating can reduce the risk of breakdown and keep your child’s smile healthy.

Dentists and dental hygienists generally recommend that children use professional fluoride twice a year for dental examinations. Fluoride treatments used by a dentist are particularly good for people at increased risk of tooth decay or tooth erosion. If you have a dry mouth, weak tooth enamel, poor oral health or crowns, ask your dentist if using a fluoride varnish would help protect your teeth. Because you have not received fluoride treatment from Phoenix dentist in any way, you can start to neglect your dental hygiene and eat foods or beverages that are harmful to your dental health.

Medical fluoride preparations in the form of tablets, pills or liquids (including fluoride vitamin preparations) are mainly used for children in areas without fluorinated drinking water. Evidence of the effectiveness of this treatment of primary teeth is weak. A Cochrane review also showed no evidence that daily fluoride supplementation effectively prevents dental caries in pregnant women or causes fluorosis in their children.

Remember that fluoride caries cannot eliminate them, but is only a barrier to them by creating a permanent outer surface on your teeth. The more robust outer surface prevents tooth decay from penetrating deeper parts to cause significant problems. In the 1970s, fluoride treatment was designed as a school-based program that was made available to all children as an alternative to water fluoridation in the community.