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To improve this problem, Zhongrun Optoelectronics’ transparent LED display uses lamp bead glue and PC mask for protection. It can effectively prevent damage during the loading and unloading process. The new retail creates an incremental market for transparent LED displays. In terms of design, make sure that the video, images and text are optimized for the size of the LED screen. Small text and low-resolution images make the investment look very unprofessional. High degree of transparency (between 60-90%) due to different pixel steps.

The indoor fixed LED display can easily be placed in a cabinet that has a solid structure. It is worth emphasizing that the reliability of the LED display manufacturer is crucial when considering the purchase of the best transparent LED display. Reliable manufacturers have built up a good reputation with their customer base and are guaranteed in the field of product technology and after-sales service. RIGARD LED is an example in this case, which has built up a solid customer base worldwide with its experience and innovative technology in LED displays.

The transparent LED display can be installed independently without glass. If it is installed behind the glass curtain wall, it can be attached directly to the steel structure of the curtain wall, and the load on the steel structure is very low. Due to the hollow design structure to achieve the transparent and steelless screen effect, the transparent LED display is lighter and thinner than traditional LED screens, weighing only 12 kg/m², with a panel thickness of only 10 mm. Even in the absence of glass as a background, the transparent LED display can be installed vertically and independently or supported behind a glass curtain wall.

● The design significantly reduces the line of sight of structural components. Glass curtain wall obstruction provides the original lighting perspective function of the glass curtain wall and maximizes the perspective effect. A custom store image can entice consumers to stop and increase traffic.

Space and volume are important elements when choosing an LED display for display. These screens have a compact design, which helps save energy and makes them lightweight. Any building with a glass wall, for example, bank, shopping mall, theaters, chain stores, hotels and attractions, etc.

▸ Transparent LED display installation saves the cost of steel construction, the conventional SMD screen is about 42 kg per square meter. When the screen area is too large, this will be a major challenge for the steel construction of the screen housing and the original structure of the building. ● The transparent LED display is currently the display device with the highest brightness and the best perspective effect.

Through continuous technological innovation and progress, transparent LED displays can meet the requirements of the lighting structure and viewing angle range of various application scenarios. At the same time, the transparent LED display also has good heat dissipation and anti-aging functions. The installation and maintenance of the product are extremely convenient and simple, which completely breaks the limitations of the application of the transparent LED screen. In addition, it has a more practical advertising value of the commercial means of the Internet, while retaining the original appearance and permeability of the place.

Therefore, its quality is crucial for both the budget and the visual effect. For transparent LED screens installed on the back of the window, it is necessary to improve the brightness level. For example, for indoor LED displays, the screen brightness level is usually led screens 800 nits. But for the transparent LED display of the window, this number should be higher. It is the first of its kind and has been in development for more than years. Transparent LED displays consist of millions of small LEDs arranged in a grid pattern.

The thickness of the panel is only 10 mm, so the panel of the LED unit can be installed from behind the glass and seamlessly integrated with the glass. The size of the unit can be adjusted to the size of the glass and has little influence on the light collection and transparency of the glass wall. With all these advantages, the super transparent LED display is very suitable in the field of architectural media. Indoor fixed LED displays can be used for diversified applications and have different purposes, uses and benefits. Uniview is one of the world’s leading suppliers of LED and LCD display solutions that specialize in providing full-service design, research and development, manufacturing and distribution.

Due to its high resolution, this technology is ideal for providing eye-catching visual effects that enhance a stylish brand image. In addition, with the transparency of the screen, you have the certainty that customers can learn more about the functionality of new products from the screen and at the same time see the physical product in front of them. Conferences, hotels, airports and other special events can benefit from the features of a transparent LED display. In recent years, with the emergence of the concept of “new retail”, the digital signage industry represented by retail has expanded rapidly.