Advantages, Applications And Maintenance Of Polished Concrete Floors

Over the past 15 years, polished concrete floors have made their way to top-floor trends, while performing better than traditional floor options. This low-maintenance floor option is becoming increasingly popular due to the friendliness, functionality, durability and attractiveness of the wallet. Polished concrete floors exceed affordability, eco-friendliness, cleanliness and natural aesthetics. Read on for one of the most popular and affordable home flooring options in 2019 in our Polished Concrete Residential Floor Guide. In most cases, residential floors experience light foot traffic and a simple occasional cleaning regime and wet mops will keep concrete floors as new for years. By protecting concrete floors with a good sealant and a floor or wash finish layer, they are even more resistant to stains, chemicals and wear.

Although the contexts are in any case very different, the concrete floor looks perfect every time. Polished concrete floors are cheaper than their hardwood, tile, marble or stone alternatives. In general, the cost of polishing a concrete floor will be equal to or less than the cost of buying materials for a tile or hardwood floor installation. DIY fans can rent mills to perfect a concrete slab, although this is not recommended. If you’re used to seeing concrete as a surface of use suitable only for utilitarian surfaces, the many virtues of concrete as a decorative material for floors can come as a surprise. Concrete can create some of the most elegant and colorful floors you’ve ever seen, although they don’t have a good stylistic fit for every home.

Concrete can be painted in almost any color, reappear in different textures and finishes, or polished for a smooth and shiny appearance. In addition, concrete floors are durable, durable and easy to clean and maintain. With so many benefits, it should be easy to understand why polished concrete floors are becoming increasingly popular. Besides being cost effective and elegant, polished concrete floors are extremely easy to clean.

Well-installed overlays are just as durable and durable as standard concrete. Stampable overlays allow you to apply patterned or structured finishes, colors and stains just as you would with freshly cast concrete. There are even overlapping products that allow you to cover vinyl, tile or wood surfaces.

Polished concrete is also a sustainable floor option that is LEED and environmentally friendly for commercial and residential projects. Many traditional floor options emit hard materials and volatile organic compounds into the air. One of the main advantages of decorative concrete floors is their affordability compared to other options, especially if you already have a concrete slab ready to stain, polish or apply a coating or overlay. The cost per square foot for a basic design is comparable to the lowest priced linoleum, vinyl, carpet or ceramic tiles.

Smooth concrete floors cost Indian architects to quote approximately INR 55 per square foot, making them a cheap option almost aligned with terracotta tiles or base ceramics. Today, stained concrete floors often replace natural stone or ceramic tiles, even in modern-style houses. Due to their durability, they are suitable for almost any environment coloured concrete supplier Australia and concrete floors are economical compared to other types of materials such as wood, ceramics and natural stone. At Advanced Environmental Services, we provide specific spot application services for commercial and industrial customers. We can apply durable concrete cladding coatings on almost any new or old concrete surface.

Using existing concrete slabs is a great way to design your home without harming the environment. Just as the trendy use of recycled wood creates a rustic tone in a room, reusing concrete can add a touch of personality that makes your space a little more interesting. In addition, installing insulated concrete floors can help your home curb unnecessary energy consumption, which not only saves you money, but also helps the environment. In most cases, a residential concrete floor is created by grinding an existing structural concrete slab and applying a chosen polishing, color or texture technique.

Although rare, it is also possible to install concrete floors over a wooden frame substrate. Here the process involves pouring a thin layer of overlapping concrete onto a carefully prepared surface and then applying the chosen color and polishing techniques. But even a very thin concrete overlay is quite heavy and the process often requires structural reinforcement of the wooden construction. In his youth, he started working in his family’s tile imports and learned all aspects of the floor industry, from design and manufacture to maintenance and repair. He also owned a floor materials store specializing in natural stone floors.

See in the gallery A modern concrete house opens onto a beautiful lagoon. This special concrete house has a sturdy-looking exterior that also partly influences the interior design. The ground floor is particularly interesting because it has polished concrete floors and also a staircase of unfinished concrete.

You can get the appearance of acid-colored concrete floors without using very strong chemicals. The good thing about polished concrete floors is that the dust is greatly reduced. You don’t have to worry about using the floor below you as your glaze protects the concrete. As we will mention below, polished concrete, if well maintained, can last for years. The durability weighs much more than other floor solutions you may be considering.