55 Things To Do In Germany

Next to the town hall, the Perlach Tower offers spectacular panoramic views of Augsburg. Maximilianstrasse, also known as the Imperial Mile, has beautiful fountains, monuments and bronze sculptures. Located on the Danube River, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a number of authentic and exceptional buildings.

While old towns and important historical sites serve as reminders of Germany’s past, modern skyscrapers and ultra-modern buildings offer a glimpse into the country’s future. You’ll also get free entry to various locations, be part of several tours, and get on and off public transportation such as U-Bahn, S-Bahn, and trams without paying anything. It will certainly be of great help if you come to Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany. Skydiving Frankfurt is one of the best once-in-a-lifetime experiences you can try with your loved ones during your trip to Frankfurt, Germany. You’ll be able to see Frankfurt’s beautiful scenery as you glide through the city for a considerable amount of time and enjoy the ultimate adrenaline activity.

None is as interesting or important as the Old Town Hall or the Altes Rathaus. According to legend, the bishop of the city did not allow the residents to build a town hall on existing land, so they decide to build the building in an unexpected place. The Altes Rathaus stands in the middle of a bridge that crosses the River Regnitz, and the interior is decorated with remarkable frescoes. Many of Germany’s other major cities have a proud history as independent city-states or as kingdom capitals in their own right.

This largest beer festival in the world has been held annually since 1810. It takes place in 14 large tents and about 20 small ones, each sponsored by a different brewery. You can find typical Bavarian and traditional German dishes served together with beer. One of Germany’s most beautiful cities to travel to Germany is Heidelberg, which is attractively located on the Neckar River. The center is the Aldstadt with untouched medieval architecture, beautiful old churches and a large selection of shops, cafes and restaurants. Overlooking the Old Town, Heidelberg Castle is beautifully illuminated at night.

The Rhine stretches for about 760 miles, much of it through Germany, as it makes its journey from the mountains in Switzerland to the north to the Netherlands. Along the way, you’ll pass west Germany’s most historic cities, including Cologne and Düsseldorf, along with numerous small towns and villages. After visiting some important historical destinations, you can relax with authentic German beer at the end of the day. Although the Germans didn’t invent beer, they are certainly known for perfecting it! It is the national drink of Germany and there are more than 1,300 breweries and 5,000 German beer brands in the country.

Taking the Frankfurt hop on hop off hop off tour bus is always a better and more convenient option if you want to explore the city at your own pace. The bus tour of the village of Ingolstadt is sure to give you a much-needed break in some of Bavaria’s best shopping destinations. You can shop in 110 different boutiques Oktoberfest 2023 of all the renowned brands in the world. On this tour, you can spend time browsing the shops or buying branded parts. You’ll also have the chance to dine in some of the city’s luxury destinations. The day trip to the village Shopping in Munich will go a long way to visit some of the best places to shop and eat.