11 Great And Handy Accessories To Add To Your Car Key Ring

The sturdy and elegant brass construction also provides a bottle opener and a very pleasant patina to use. Recently, the fugitive key ring was solved by Tile, a mini tracking device that hooks on its key ring . If you can’t find your keys, just open the mosaic application on your phone and find the device via GPS tracking and then listen to the mosaic beep when you’re in the area. You can also use the mosaic to find a lost smartphone by clicking the device button.

Some guys are not involved in special tools or key chains and just need a nice classic key ring. If that sounds like you, increase your personal belongings with this elegant Mio Marino leather key ring. It has a single letter on the key ring and a durable construction to store all your keys in one place. On the other hand, you will find a clip to hold your belt or hang it on your home wall. EDC has become a bit more difficult in this era of TSA security checkpoints, so you are always looking for useful products that are airport friendly.

While very affordable for just $ 10, it has a 440-quality high carbon stainless steel blade (meaning it is durable and sharp) and a reliable nylon fiber handle. With a 2-inch knife, it is also great to perform a wide range of daily tasks without being too big. One step ahead of a belt loop key ring is a retractable key ring. Sure, it’s kind of crazy, but it’s a super practical and great key ring, which is ideal when choosing your EDC items. Retractable key chains have a cable system that holds the keys in the chain and puts them back on your hip when not in use. If you work in a place that requires constant use of the key, or just dislikes playing with the keys on the door, try one of these.

Maybe it’s something with the classic Gucci strip, the bulky Loewe knot or the young Miu Miu arch that binds you to your ideal self. We are, of course, much more than the sum of what we wear, but there is a tangible reality in what we do. The same type of technique works for other things you want on your key ring, such as key chains, extra rings, etc. Sometimes custom wood keychains you just have to accept that you will never be the type of person who knows where his keys are. If that’s the case, a smart lock that you can unlock with your phone instead of the keys can save the day . With so many EDC team options when starting a fire, your options can be overwhelming, but a small lighter connected to your key ring is a good option.

While slightly more expensive than most key rings (it still sounds less than $ 12), it comes with a one-year limited warranty that covers defects. The tool can also be purchased in black, titanium, mandarin, silver or fuschia and is also available in a larger size. Orbitkey offers an interesting key ring EDC element in this V2 key ring with multiple tools. Less than three centimeters long and weighing about one ounce, the multi-tool comes with two screwdrivers, a ruler, a lever beam, a bottle opener, a file and a utility knife. It is made of hyper-resistant stainless steel and finished with a titanium coating making it incredibly resistant to scratches and fractures. It can even be combined with any Orbitkey product, the perfect addition to your daily transport items.

There are a lot of small products to add to your key chains that can be useful and / or great without being too bulky. Hang the 2.0 Everyman Porter Key multiple tool on your key ring and you always have a knife at hand wherever you go. Although it is in the shape of a key, it is actually a border that is perfect for cutting boxes, opening packages or cutting envelopes. It’s subtle enough that no one notices it, making it ideal for business trips, and the built-in bottle opener is the vacation tool you need anytime, anywhere. Simple, streamlined style and sleek construction make this multiple tool just as easy to store in your wallet or attach to your keys. Features of the utility include essentials such as a belt cutter, a flat screwdriver, keys and a bottle opener.

These homemade key rings are super fast and easy to make and are a fun project for sewing beginners. Keep your keychain accessories in place with the Link EDC Lanyard. Although surprisingly similar to the Keyton Clip in Trayvax, it finds its uniqueness through its fast feeding system. Made from a combination of nylon and top vein leather, this side fits well with tactical wallets such as the wallet with Trayvax armored cuffs. Slide a flashlight into the carabiner clip, who knows when you need it. Instead of searching in your bag, for example, you can find your belongings faster with a flashlight.

They are just over 1 inch long, so they won’t have a hassle in your pocket or bag. In addition to keychain accessories, you should also consider cutting your thin minimalist wallet on your key ring. Whether you walk with your dog or run to the store, sometimes carrying a bag is not the best idea. An alternative is to cut your EDC, including your cardholder, on your key ring.